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Reward Disbelief (Not On Label 2015)

   Foursome figure using hoods in black playing their unlawful Doomy Sludge Metal creeping in your stereo as nobody can decide whether thus humanoids genders are male or female in mix but one thing for sure that their music is blasting and the screams sounded eerie and mystic occults. 
One just found out how Murder Hollow bursting their heaviness sounds through this recording of Titan; acclaims the darkness within them surrounding yours in minutes the time those album started to play on your computer and yes, they’re deadly … 
   As opening by The Witch or ended up with Sacred Blood of The Cacti – exploding in loudest to the silenced dead of night tempo; one should be aware of the fallen angle figures from heaven descending to Earth and becoming evil doers just like how this music meant to be made by the band themselves.