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Ram (Broken World Media 2015)

   Attacks by your non-favorable flavored mixes of Grungy Pop-Punk and Alternative Indie Rock from Seattle, WA – in the form of uniting Garbage, That Dog, The Breeders and anything hellish came from Kelly Deal’s heavenly flamed pit of urban angst teenage lust or harmonization over the unit calling themselves as Great Grandpa. Coalitions of a non-too damn complex vocalizations to the semi-catchy musical compositions as well as a quintet crew possibly known as vocalist Alex Menne, Carrie Miller (bass, vocals), Cam Laflam (drums, vocals), their guitarists effective duo Pat Goodwin and Dylan Hanwright releasing their e.p formats recording through Cheeto Lust, Mostly Here, Waterfront Gate or Let It Get Bad as some of their song lyrics messaging sums over the titled record named Can Opener as the philosophy of it reacts further seems forever as a good intentions willingly onto helping other’s sadder feelings and consciousness to grow even older, mature through simplicity tracks of independent subjects of oddity in suburban normality stories …  

Can Opener: