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Push Love Away (Tooth & Nail Records 2000)

The positive ideas leave by Alternative Rock quintet from the gathering musicians over Greensburg and Latrobe – Pennsylvania driving their good lyrics and wiser themes as the Christian-based inspirations reacted deeper onto the brotherhood of The Juliana Theory as a group. 
Completing their line-up with Brett Detar (vocals), Chad Alan (bass guitar, vocals), Joshua Fiedler (guitar), Joshua Kosker (guitars, vocals) and Josh “Chip” Walters (drums) praising the higher levels of vocalizations harmony and softer mellowed music which combines Pop-Rock and beautiful ballad-Folkish that remarkably would entering most people’s house and stereo of the youth in jeopardy with a little less problems but sending more solutions towards this second album release on Emotion is Dead where the poetic long titles and fundamental variable made popper and modern so that easy for them (the confusing kids) to learning more within the lyrics singing or the melting heart’s music sound templates through We’re at The Top of The World (To The Simple Two), To The Tune of 5,000 Screaming Children or Understand The Dream is Over and If I Told You This was Killing Me Would You Stop ? perhaps – being the smart legacy from Emo-Rock era to the general music realm with generosity of artful regenerates the impressive impulse over on the ever changing world of our kids !

Emotion is Dead: