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Protection Widow (Irrturm 2006)

Rock N’ Roll trashy Garage and Punk Rock unit from Jena - Germany striking onto your stereo amplifications with their filthiest and loudest cranking musical rock arts without a smile but curses upon the modern guilty world that you also build using your money on shopping over the cheapest things or the most expensive luxury without caring for those whom living in poverty or faking thus idealism of corrupts enslavement through the humanity crash course and peace talks while selling the drugs and guns to the other side. 
The trio of what supposed you calling as bitches: Zachi (vocals, guitars), Glorylory (vocals, drums) and Huhnchen (bass guitar) did the split but before that releasing this fatal-Punk Pop rocking hard as the vocals screaming loud-out in anger of injustice and malevolent acts creates by the ruler class competent to recorded on Too Sad Too Fuck by Sad Nutrino Bitches which being symbolized with the octopus grabbing the world as your world domination system by the new order – telling through the story and urban legends written there off Monster Truck, Midnight Street War, He’s Gonna Walk Off, Green Noodles and Baghdad Road really really up-to-date for daily isn’t it ?

Too Sad Too Fuck: