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Postmen Capsule (Tinnitus Records 2003)

   A stereo level compilation for those who seemed to feels like there’s never enough about Nirvana, Kurt Cobain song-writings , the brilliant compositions of Grungy hits and thus Aberdeen’s legacy sounds prototype things and that’s why everyone on the central parts of the West Coast decided to make another tribute to them on V.A Nearvana – San Francisco recording that consisting of twenty-one tracks which didn’t quite all lunacy for making the originalities sounding like it is but the good efforts for noticing the fanatic fans about their own style will always paying the greatest tribute to Kurt and his band – no matter what kinds of music you would play for giving this compilation a real touch. 
   Like the more crazy Electro-core version of Breed by Deadweight or thus Bluegrass-esque unfamiliar tickles or fun freely dumb Country music for In Bloom from The Crosstops; the excellent drunken happy version for Lithium made well by Violent Discord, Hotbox blasting their Punk-rock Crusty-Pop on Territorial Pissings and Poontwang’s Alt-Pop celebrations for Silver and for the rest – you shall not complaining most because the tribute album that copying the first Nirvana’s record cover really delivering something fresher for the way not a mockery from this clown town…