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Polyethylene (Bandcamp 2016)

By the flexible blending of the band-members from all over the place around US soil; California to Maine and crossing them both to be equally met together in Brooklyn – NY and the fairy-tale seems to be continued even when the band losing their beloved friend and active member like Ariel Loh but the remaining others still loyal to guarding the group which calling themselves as Stone Cold Fox which actually, didn’t sounding that tricky like you thought they’re. As the amazing harmony of Jangle-Pop relaxing mixed with Pop-Rock independent makes an Alternative music emerging loud over the band’s performance within this Tunnel Vision album that computes the non-verbal abusive romancing lyrics to be the audience’s literature for being trapped in a very good conversations with the favorite girl you loved to talk to for a long time – thanks to songs like Contagion, Firing Squad or Morning Light which coming closer like a nicer dream brought there by Kevin Olken Henthorn (vocals, guitars), Aaron Hamel (drums), Graham Stone (synths, guitars) and Justin Caleb Bright (synths, bass) didn’t wasted their elegance Electro-Pop-Rock music. 

Tunnel Vision: