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Pink & Grey Sorry (Trouble In Mind 2016)

   Featuring the trio from Melbourne – Australia: Carolyn Hawkins, Matt Liveriadis and Rob Remedios calling themselves Chook Race and brings their Indie-Rock Jangle-Pop sounds of music softer than power-popping but had the same ingredients as the relaxing for not being too lazy but also not too freaking fast following the pulse of crowd-city bigger than the modest popularity but stepping back onto the rural background or suburban streets as the portraying Around The House really pleasuring for your listening room prerogative. Nothing is braver than being the try-out to be yourself and our mates here knows how to exposing the plot for making good sounds to drove away the boredom at the beginning of your new week working day evening through the less-sensational like Eggshells, Sometimes, lost The Ghost and Hard To Clean like The Lemonheads.

Take your guitar and start to play, sing along with them !!!

Around The House: