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Picco Ross Viale (Tiger Records 2011)

   Only using this one remixes recording of DJs From Mars as features the arousing vocals from Fragma for dealing with various of type sounds blending and more surprises through their EP single – Insane in The Brain which lower or high in tension over the depending fully booked clubs on having them would definitely feels the differences after the crowds getting all mad and crazy dancing all night long because they cannot standing the inviting bombastic beats performed by these two Italian Disc Jockeys or Mash-uppers from Turin: Luca Ventafridda and Massimiliano Garino with their unique grumpy masks that should attracting people right away the first time seeing them. Leave your body loosen out by dancing free and let the Original Mix, Bernasconi & Farenthide Radio Mix or Db Pure Extended Remix and The Coolbreezers Club Mix to Muttonheads Remix smashing you and the entire club without ever thanking DJs From Mars later.