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Pest (Snail Sounds 2005)

Used to be called themselves formerly as Joe and the Chicken Heads on the nineties era but due to the more extreme pollutant years after that and as the new millennium comes and shows of more raping sessions of humanity to planet earth as they’re building the new shape of terra-forms by destroying the old house and themselves in the process; Radioactive Chicken Heads re-born and brought to you and the rest from outside of Los Angeles – these comedy of Alternative Punk-Rock made to be laughable or carried out as an anthem for the looney people who loves Punk and its attitudes by the artistic music. 

Strange, weirdy, fun and silly but creative – that’s what you can get through the courageous silliness products made from Growing Mold’s Earth vs The Earthmen, Waltzing on Eggshells, Bag O’Bones or I Eat Kids sounded evil.              

Growing Mold: