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Paradigm Sky Fish (Bandcamp 2009)

   Is it really good to be Animal Nation whose doing positive things within their lives like playing some Hip-Hop tunes, paying the rent or partying and relaxing while hanging-out doesn’t mean that you must be totally drunk or fucked up but for Mike “Armadillo Slim” Armitage and Garnet “Tall Man” Clare as a duo of your surely might be a new favorable Old School Rap and Alternative Hip-Hop collections by general through the ultimate Animal Nation music that proudly sharing the heritage of the good Big Apple rhythmic breath blessings that never faded away as the next generations needs to come back to hearing the magnificent superb scratching that can be found here on the group’s album release – Understanding More About Nothing that interestingly, sounded wiser and mature but on the same time also the protests from the Hip-Hop urban area to the social issues comes and go around them that sometimes can creating fatality towards good friends, neighbors to the love ones. With the scientific connection or opinions as well as the general themes which nailing almost the complete news to spreading by the lyrics from these Vancouver crew sticking onto your heads like a post-it or glue within the home-based repertoir track-lists such as Caribbean Nights and The Electrifying Technicolor Dreamscapes, The Fez, Her Dangerous Smile, The Caper feat. Mat The Alien to Feels Real or Street Shadows which calling the listeners to paying more attentions to them the cast-out or you childhood friends or even strangers; not to lose hope but trusted the hard working and the kindness where you can help the community by creating goodness or opportunity rather than toss people to laziness and shoot-outs by making great music beats within old samples and crazy style of scratches – kicking the fucking boredom out. 

Understanding More About Nothing: