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Paper And Steel (Beach Impediment Records 2015)

   Get your face smack harder and your body slammed by the encouraging typhoon of Hardcore-Punk messages via the New York band called Ajax – the quartet consisting of Ben Wessels, Chris Bowman, M.Gorup and Sean Joyce respectively non-slowing down their louder, smasher and brutal audio sounds as the drunken solos like Street-Punk a’la an old school version of The Exploited must be a good armor for them to relentlessly, stays frontal and never backed down – stepping in the chaotic modern world while the injustice rules and thus blurry reality slowly chipped away into something worse. 

Make yourself glad and play this damn self-titled e.p recording like hell’s touch-down to Planet Earth; let Nothing, Appeal to Heaven and Priced leaving you ears bleeding and half of your silly brain melts.