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Ouroboros (NitroAtmosfericum 2015)

Starting from the Intro to Коловращение (Kolovraschenie), Истоки Талой Воды (The Origins of Meltwater) or Весна (Ближе к Корням) meaning Spring (Closer to The Root) revealing the secret of these Russian’s occults and socio views of the Black Metal/Death Metal melodic band – Gmork to securely, annihilates most of your common beliefs as being holding on to something mortal against the power force of darkness immortality process regenerated through the absence of religious faith within the themes subject written and composed by the band through Ave Nihil. 
Off Nizhny Novgorod as led the aspects of misanthropy to nature wrath of non-disguises brutality led onto the destructive extreme music blending as the chaotic double pedals and furious drumming tempos mixed with the blasphemous heretic guitar riffs and total screaming vocals as quartet of demise performing by Gloomryrain, Teo (bass), Myrk (guitars) and Fin the drummer. One shall never asking more off this as the atmosphere getting chaotically heathen up and deader; the sands of time reaches the end limit as those death-reapers harvesting human souls that darken day.

Ave Nihil: