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Montrose Molly (Girlfriend Records 2013)

   Join Us - maybe just a title for the record but perhaps, this also signaling to the audience about some hidden mission or plan secretly, to giving many people a mind-controlling game of high-frequency wave or through the experimental thoughts barrier using in the musical composing made by these Montreal, Quebec’s off Le Matos project group – the Electronic Dark-Wave and Synth-Pop of soundtrack scoring formed by the quartet of masterminds like Jean-Nicolas Leupi, Jean-Phillipe Bernier, Maxime Dumesnil and Vincent Menard making their moves onto thus medium beats of excessive bass-lines to the mixing noises or samples into a concrete music product on this album as being formed as instrumental music based on Electrinic beats in general and mysteries theme repulsively, emerged within the odd semi-Techno sounds and machine taken over your brain-cells and soul while hypnotizing by the eight minutes more off Interceptor, Overdog, 58 Minutes pour vivre (album version) to Le Mer des Possibilities. When LE Matos & Electric Youth performing Light Again (feat. Electric Youth) – you will feel nothing but great sense of relaxing but underneath it, you already addicted to their music.

Join Us: