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Mochi Wild (Bandcamp 2015)

And yes, they’re a band from Seattle – Washington with the essential Garage-Pop, Post-Punk and Indie Folk sounds attached on their e.p recording of Powershake EP by Armadillo Hotel that consisting of seven-musicians independently making their ways by and for themselves on writing songs, composing music and arranging great sounds intact within the few tracks with urban-life themes; Isaac Schaaf (bass, background vocals), Navarre Herrera (guitars), Courtney Komai (violin), JT Baker (drums), Andrew Templeton (rhythm guitars, toms), Jonah Freedman (lead guitar, glockenspiel, synthesizer) or Nick McKiernan (lead vocals) dumping the Jangling harmless melodies on No Hero telling us about the utopia permanent peace should be started from your own neighborhood or Youth that get the attention for one whom not being aware about the surroundings just because you didn’t want to following a boring subjects but still you need to learn something type of story-themed barely – acting like an introduction for the audience to knowing more about Armadillo Hotel. 

Powershake EP: