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Miserable Paradise (Bandcamp 2016)

The independent music maker, composer and multi-intrumentalist whose inspired by Avant-Garde, Progressive Rock, Jazz-Fusion to Industrial with wider influences re-captured onto the recording works of Culver Polley; the young talent that needed your attentions – if you’re into the Prog-Metal, Djent, Hard Rock, Classic heavy Metal to Pop-Rock which having the various chords, many layers of corporative sounds which slicing each into different intersections towards thus track-listing record of Mr. Culver’s music. 

The album of One Piece Puzzle must be a complicated musical that needs to be listen as for being solve ahead the miraculous variable of tones, tempos and rhythmic solos or the tied-up free formations which trying to  getting loose by being tamed a bit not a s a pet here like the songs on The Shortcut, Lower Than Usual or Healer and Thirty Miles. 

If you needed Wing; The Painting and The Dreamcatcher will setting you safer in sound; living in Chelan - Washington. 

One Piece Puzzle: