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Mermaids Tail (Knife Fighting Monkeys 2006)


   Not copying Beastie Boys or even the parade of Popish Hip-Metal community but in persuasion for being tolerable and understanding task by crossing the early days over the new millennium; you need to be sure that whether you acting silly stupid or just creating your own band costume along with beatable good music to produced or writing for, these Edinburgh-Scotland’s crate diggers, collective music-makers, musicians or DJ’s and lyricists complete standing together inside the magic circle of sharpen soaring mystique of scientific Rap fictional themes reactions as being labeled as rebels for their time, weirdy as an Alternative music and comprehensively abstract, philosophic and psychedelic as featuring names from Gary Morton, Bryan Jones, Kimo Kuts and Jane Gilbert providing their scratches mixture, sexual/sensual lyrics for the bad days and even the semi-black magic ritual based-on Classic Old School and New School Rap music to Electronic Hip-Hop masters willing to filled up the gap between the legends and the newcomers on European side.
By Poltergeeks recording; you might going to get a little bit floaty whilst the play-lists beating up the stereo system through Fear Not The Accusations of a Thousand Index Fingers …, Fairy Press, Silicon Infants, Goodman Speakers Are Shit ! and Victim of A Car Crash reliable to exposing such a funny reality that the group covering Black Sabbath’s Iron Man via thus Acapella version Broken Man – must be silly but never disrespecting  by sounds !