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Mergulhar Implosao (Self-Released 2003)

Drown your-self sufficiently, beneath the waves of Cross-Over crashy music made well in recording by the group calling themselves Scambo; the Brazilian rockers whose combining their awesome Portugese lyrical rocks with various music types like Reggae, Funk-Metal, Rock N’ Roll, traditional beats and Samba-Pop into one blending package on this recording Exerca which dauntlessly, emerging some of the (should be) highlighted tracks possible to surfacing on your chart lists collection – if you’re into these kind of Cross-Over sounds thing. Listen to O Estrangeiro, Noite Escura to Por Um Fio and Final de Junho which must be honestly talking about the several occasion from the band members life-cycle past and presents stories to share with the more sunshines, good food or beers and gorgeous babes on bikini near the beach-sides or … Passando O Som – sent by Pedro Ponde the vocalist or the dueting guitars from Graco and Tosto with just a good taste of dirty suburban hilly-housing place where crimes is their breakfast and prostitutions would be a new religion besides soccer on the resident’s ID cards occupation field to wrote down. This album would be a good decision to exploring poverty and paradise in one particular place handy-book used for manuals.