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Manson Speaks (Bandcamp 2014)

Don’t try to under-estimating independent Extreme musical performance or recording from the appointed lesser-known names or projects like Ockult from Bolingbrook – Illinois being master-minding by a figure of secular/semi-satanic guy called Unsolide did all the instruments as he tries to converting religious people back into Pagan-community through the essential influences from Satanic Treachery, Genocide Organ or Ramleh to Death Pile seeking revenge within no remorse or prisoners to be taken back and as by the forfeited temple of sounds built from concrete and not easy to destructible Industrial Electronic, Avant-Garde, Experimental harsh noises, spoken words dialogue or Folk-Techno tremendously, leaving you the audience then – later being seductively, dragged into the terror-side choices and the results really would shaking you to the lowest level to the highest level of fear. The works for thus combinations where your Suicidal Fantasist may becoming then a reality together under the grimace grinding Electro-magnetic signaling sounds like an uplink to the edge of the universe but for now – this is the test from human-made Ambient noises to the machine controller; like a satanic prayer being praised through My Master Will Take His Form for over sixteen minutes longer or Murder for Satan for necessary rituals on evil. 

Suicidal Fantasist: