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Magnum Incendium (My Graveyard Productions 2012)

   Epic Heavy Metal produced out of Rome, Lazio; telling the listeners about thus themes based on medieval history or poem and Christianity through decades from light to darkness and back, meeting this Martiria’s compelling stories made through lyrics and tracks of metallic symphonic sounds really might amusing to you especially those whom loving Heavy Metal with melodic and power-groovy speed much just like the example ruling records from the band here on the epic Roma S.P.Q.R as the four-piece metal-heads Federico “Freddy” on vocals, Umberto Spiniello the drums-basher, Derek Maniscalco the bassist and guitarist Andy Menario proclaiming their essential epic blasts of magnificent solid format of metallic music as the tales with one of the mightiest empire on earth leading its role to conquering most of Europe, Midwestern Asia to North Africa within the ultimate highest achievements of both power and influences to the downfalls through the semi-Classic affections and the great skills of powerful tempos in advance telling us about Spartacus, Britannia, Byzantium, Tales of Two Brothers and Nihil Aliud Quam Superstitione where the modern and ancient cultures and ideology mixed into one within social assimilation of peace or greater wars expanding. 

Know that the realm of topographic beliefs would never be the same again in related. 

Roma S.P.Q.R: