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Locust Star (Red Ant 1996)

   First time would be perfect and that might can be added to Ozzfest Live – the compilations as one of the best Extreme Metal music festivals ever made to be reality for thousands of head-banging metal-heads to come, seeing and listening to their favorite bands that sounded brutal, horrific, fucking louder cranking or just rocking like hell to be legends like Mr. Ozzy Osborne acting not just as the former Black Sabbath founder and frontman but also the master of host and ceremony on this occasion within metallic-based disturbing sounds forever evil within the series and annual of Ozz-Fest music. The Ozzfest Live collectively recording these variant of Heavy rocking artists burning the stage within their performance and hypnotizing the rest of the arena collectively in ten tracks that fits for you early week head-banging for the day at work. 
Biohazard with These Eyes, Sepultura’s Attitude, Earth Crisis blasting their Broken Foundation, Organized by Powerman 500 to Replica by Fear Factory and Ozzy closing all with his haunting Heavy Metal hits – Perry Mason.

Ozzfest Live: