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Lily Of The West (Ratchet Blade Records 2015)

Dark-roots over Alternative Goth, Americana music, Indie-Pop, Country and Chamber sounds that haunting, wiser and also misleading within their harmony violin’s attack as the main framed towards how you might love to hate or reversed as depends to choose a correct time for listening to Stevyn Grey (drums), Luis Mascaro (violin), Thomas Lorioux (bass guitar), Chooper Franklin (guitars, banjo, keyboards, mandolin) and female mistress on lead vocals Mather Louth (the mysterious) challenging the audience to stay awake and not fallen asleep while guarding the night of dark times while Heathen Apostle performing the musical record of Fire To The Fuse that sending mystic messages of the celebration for the dead as sensuality can be sold for a cheap gossip news but not for this group from LA; you might finding them very interesting and unique for arranging the rocking eerie music that still thoughts a lot for melodies and classic touches. Yveline, Fist City, Drowned in Trouble, Fool’s Gold to Evil Spirits and Looks are Deceiving shall ensure that the listeners would lost their ways before the thirteen song came up as a Measure of Time on Death’s Head. 

Fire to The Fuse: