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Life 2 Get Live (Amp Sound 2007)

Combining the surprising Hip-Hop, Rn’ B, Soul to Rap music with Indie Rock attitudes as the lyrics might be sounded cheesy but really can make turning laughable as you going on dance following the hits of beats amusing to listen from these trio out of Austin, Texas as The Triggermen to be prĂ©cise consisting of Hysteria 51, Jennesy and DJ Yosemite extensively stomping and flows spreading their beat in loud volume as the entire spectators might jumping and acting crazy by dance nuts and arousing by the temptations coming from the music and the female vocals as the sampling, the mixing or the speeding range within many live musical instruments used too for the recording release number two called The Irresponsible Album. 
You can naming them all as sexy, rocking, groovy and powerful to listen – those tracks made by the trio ranging from the old-school, the modern electro, the Rap stuff to independent touches via Cashed Out, Pantless Party to Stage Play or Born a Goner. 

One might wanted to have a long sweaty and non-responsible sex after listening to it. 

The Irresponsible Album: