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Lewd Ghoul Ovary (Permeated Records 2015)

Slamming brutal Death Metal that born and raised inside the womb of mother underground never to see the lights and other shape of objects stumble and made by the creations of modern technology world of man on the mainstream surface seemed to be on the loose this time and preying on every single things that moved or breathing as what you might calling it devastation in annihilates non-mission but pleasure for these Japanese extreme brutal group – Undead Daredevil. Consisting of a quartet of pure metal-heads: Syn Taguchi (vocals), Takuya Isozaki (guitars), Katsusama Kitazawa (drums) and Youhei Mineshima (bass, vocals) had sharing their thoughts about doomsday killing days and counting as there’s no prophecy collectively being brought to sense for the recording release on Devastating Defeat for Mankind but as the title terribly showing a meaningful tendency one might seems to reacting to that whether in a panic mode or head-banging sessions as the disruptions on brutality technique and skills sounded honestly slaying the audiences to their death as Pandemic Indication of Infected 13-Trisomy, Multiple System Atrophy and The Sense of Despair to Holy Water or Severe Antagonism Against The Intrauterine Genome which stabbing the issues about worldwide health care and the man-made viruses testing on collective human’s settlements to the bio-war heads plan to destroying before re-build back must be hell of an agenda.

Devastating Defeat for Mankind: