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Kolaps Incognita (Instant Classic 2015)

Blame it on the dueling duo of beat-masters planning for the taken over off the semi-Pop-culture and modern beat-sections toward Jakub Ziolek and Rafal Iwanski join forces via Kapital of Poland long-term proud scene of Electro-Ambient and regular meaningless signals sending into outer space of onto human-minds. Chaos to Chaos has build to enriched the personality crisis and thoughtful complexity magnifies the beaming beats and other distorted and disturbance noises like it’s being used for torturing some people too lazy to think about anything and dwelling inside their caves like cowards. Paradis Electronique, Kap-Eh Thaal, Trans-Mania and M.I.T reflected the technology fused process not being tolerable for any malfunctions from the humanoid workers to obey. Critics involving breaks the Noise Psychedelic rumored to be false experiments in touch by diamonds. 

Chaos to Chaos: