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Knuckledragger (Ripple Music 2016)

Indianapolis, IN offers you one of their bastard sons on the quartet group calling themselves as Devil To Pay as the eccentric skull thumping plus guitar-music and based on the cool mixture between Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Groovy Blues-Rock as the moods to listening to these offering from Steve Janiak (vocals, guitar), Chad Prifogle (drums), Matt Stokes (bass guitar) and Rob Hough (guitar) definitely shall keeping your spirits high as the sounds buzzing like dozen distorted strings which would sting you by using those courageous essential straight and ready to rock music with the additions of kick-ass covers of female alien seducing our ancient Cro-Magnon great granddad with arousing hot body, gigantic boobs and four hands to strangled you up - after having an intercourse. 
A Bend Through Space and Time might ferociously combining the blurry edge of Grunge and Heavy Metal within the textures of plentiful harmony and great licks of melodies or the great beats and lead vocals; bring these riff’s music and several tracks to make you head-banging all day long through Kobold in The Breadbasket, Laughingstock, The Meaning of Life, Don’t Give Away The World as well as Recommended Daily Dosage might probably too good to be true in your face slapping format of rock just like the essential influences taken from either Motorhead, Hawkwind or Lemmy himself. 

The Demons Come Home to Roost …