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Johnny Stalker (2nd Best Records 2003)

   Produced by Brad Hawkins and Midpoint as the Pop-Punk band exported from Canada bring Melodic Hardcore or Punk-Pop not like the usual Blink 182 but yes, still good to listen while you doing your day of skating with your good friends cruising the urban area around your pathetic town. Cool vocals, great fresh riffs and fast drumming would be the most amazing thing for any Skate-Punkers to enjoy while the day seems to be too damn to be even sucker than the previous one. The good recording release from Midpoint Shut Up, That’s Why might telling the reality of how romance and fake love easily dies after several kissing moments but the better music can delivers the way out to releasing you and your girlfriends from being stuck in the middle of scamming relationships – going out to skate for free and finding each other as the anthem for Power-Pop Punk over Non-Stop Lying You, Dynamite, Misdirected and Handcuffs shall reminding some of you about the last time you got bullying or being chased by cops and luckily, manage to survive until now and life’s getting even better since then and after finding Midpoint record.  

Shut Up, That's Why: