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John Of Ghost (Fortuna Pop! 2016)

   Romantic but colder like a preserving New Wave Goth from the eighties meet the modern dawn service of Indie-Pop which sounding aesthetic and sensual even when the lyrics and music feels like the group of all-female Dublin (Ireland) members didn’t quite happy about life surrounds them and the way the story of fate goes onto them as well. September Girls are Paula Cullen, Caoimhe Derwin, Sarah Grimes, Lauren Kerchner and Jessie Ward playing purely Noise-Pop and proven to be sounded like it is through their semi-cult essence album: Age of Indignation. Just like The Cranberries meet The Fall in one bowl used as an empty vessel for fresh lilies kinds scene can be traced by listening to the razor-wired strings distort on Catholic Guilt, Quicksand, Love No One, Salvation and Jaw on The Floor. 

Age of Indignation: