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Jenn’s Said A Lot (Tooth & Nail Records 2002)

   Again, For The First Time is the fourth installments from the Nashville Christian-based Alternative Emo-Rock band formerly from Grayson, Kentucky and moving over to find a better chance with their self-composing original music which purely attempt on sharing the best moment where US soil really digging into a lot of emotional over their Punk-Pop Rock scene and as the trends getting massive and superior touching the mainstream market – Dave Baysinger, Sam Barnhart, Milam Byers, Jerry Morrison and Jared Byers of Bleach (the band) finding themselves in the middle of cool timing while the rest of the Emo-Rock scene gripping tight the modern rock charts of the globe; the racing cars album also being considerable as one of those good recording flooding the markets as one might favorably choosing baseline, Celebrate, Fell Out or Weak at The Knees to We Are Tomorrow as the seems to be unstoppable spiritual youth center did successfully, sending these type of positive music to reign the hearts of millions in needs for the lights that not sounded too preaching …  

Again for The First Time: