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Iris (Bandcamp 2013)

   Forssa, Finland’s five-piece Progressive Extreme Metal music group mini recording like a thick combination between Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell meets the Metal-core new hope for the hopeless; presented in this Right to Remain Silent’s composed recording of Wilderness/Dessert/Chaos keeps the non-spirit exists on those three lyrics of tracks unfolded pretty well much semi-metallic Death Metal or melodic harmony as you might found out that the apocalypse is just arriving next block not far from your hometown as the truth hits your status like a bad news on Sunday. Spreading messages of our lost hope and deranged reality through growler vocals, groovy metallic music louder and giving the metal-heads the music they’re deserved as the band formed from the beginning by Miika or Tatu independently; so did songs of destructible like Curse or Revelations onto your ears !