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Intuition/Rhetoric (Bandcamp 2012)

Between Anteduvia and Sea of Tranquility releasing for cassette format; now you can taste them as the digital music that breaks the peace within your surroundings as pressing play the Emo-Rock and Heavy Metal/Hardcore cross-over for Foxmulder the Toronto, Ontario band that taken its inspiration through one of the infamous FBI agents from the television series The X-Files and sharing it to the global in a blasting beat style and screaming vocals on Hindisight. Recorded and mixed by Jordan Smith and collectively in formation of Rohan L (guitar), Matt C (vocals), Selvin C (drums) and Matt B (bass) learning to make their sensible Emo-violence music as well as Punk-Screamo from Toronto spreading louder, wider and the tracks showing here on the album proving there’s so many things to add for more interests to be successfully formed solid just like the several short-recording self-written noises via Awkward, Absurd or Breath of The City reacts to your ears. Agent Scully still won’t be too proud for this one …