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Indolence Of Seeder (Xtreem Music 2017)

Take this compilation of record being released by Neuntoter – the Pamplona/Iruna – Navarre extreme Black Metal/Death Metal band consisting of a trio: Naxto “Vomitor/La Cosa” on bass guitar and vocals, Peyo “Hellbanger” the drumming beast and shredder mastery by Sergio “Monsters Invocator” writing their terror music and lyrics about satanic’s subnormal words to gore and destruction as Grindcore rules your fucking ears with these twenty-eight compiled songs there to blasting your freaking damn globe apart even if most of those tracks sounded a little bit poor in quality but still for those whom digging Obituary much; this recording – Stench to Stench will be extremely excited to listen. 
Pentagram sign on the floor has been drawn as the naked woman chanting to summons the demons to copulating her as the background songs of horror metallic brute sounds upon Scumfixion, Consumed in Gore, Rot Alive, Emetic Foulness, Don’t Pour The Gore to State of Putrefaction and Vein Effect shall make the leprous trance in madness shambles, the blind can smell their own thirst of the blood of the living, religious society will be slay in entirely and the world once again been cleansing by Neuntoter to its root with mankind no more !

Stench to Stench: