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Iconoclast Consecrate (Gasmask Productions 2008)

   Death Metallic and shredding skinned sounds would extremely terrorizing your surroundings once the stereo got a chance to play this brutal music off an American band recording straight from Atlanta, Georgia under the fearful name – Father Befoulded. Death eternal, blasphemy or destruction on the first full studio album released here to your all the maniac suffocated insane maggots through Obscurus Nex Cultus; scarring those reality as realizations that evil, demonic, darkness and the destroying of icons of religious beliefs has been done correctly – perfectly – totally without mercy by the duo of JBS (vocals, guitars) and Wolxum (bass, drums) bring us their ability to spreading disease satanic lyrics upon occult rituals within their tracks on this fucking heavy record; from Idolatry of Cursed Revelation, Golden Rivers of Heaven (Baptized in Piss) or instrumental ensemble of hell within Excement Pastorous to the closing song of blasphemy off the last track – Beneath The Spires of Nocturnal Temples. 

All preserving your faith in the altar of Extreme Black/Death Metal opportunity in order to cursing the world set in flames ! 

Obscurus Nex Cultus: