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Hunger Est (Dark Descent Records 2017)

   Debauchery curses, anti-christianity pleasures and occultism history as the forbidden lyrics of raw Extreme Heavy Metal grabbing the essential of Black and Thrash Metal combinations burst like explosions made out of the hell below upon your face as it melts and one scream out – the loud devotions of swearing and curse of spell to chants in turns filling the necessity of the magical black Satanism of London’s premium group called Craven Idol – releasing their latest off The Shackles of Mammon which consisting these four-piece fierce blasting of blackest force of destructive measurements over the religious community and Christian matters to be entirely destroyed onto ashes under the fleshy horrific influences from Bathory, Manila Road and Inquisition. 
As you might loving the early pioneers that making Black Metal Thrashy scene becomes alive and powerful thanks to the essential horrible hell-noise back then on the old days as the vulture gods conquering the last humans and the devastation of the planet surely, being perfectly onto the processing of torturing, mutilated, sacrificial and enslavement of mankind by the higher ruling order led by the old ancient pagan gods as the fire-blaster tracks like A Ripping Strike, The Trudge, Dashed to Death, Tottering Cities of Men and consuming the guts of what’s left of pathetic laws of the modern days spit or burnt like the bible-codes by Immolator of Sadistik Wrath, Suspiral, Heretic Blades and Obscenitor. 

The Shackles of Mammon: