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Hospital Song (Bandcamp 2013)

   The more Hardcore-Folk version of protesting Pop sensibility borrowed from the previous group on the closer category like Andrew Jackson Jihad or Violent Femmes mixed of cleverness and fun sarcastic without being explosive like the angry Punk-Rock statement and riffs aloud but still Tyrannosaurus Zebra feels different than just another Folkish-heads dealing their minds to changed the world from a single small step to the bigger issues and agendas. 
Through The Taste of Lunch To Come – these (now) Fresno and former Visalia (before) unit playing their greatest and courageous lyrics written composites and mid-tempo semi-acoustic, electric rock sounds right there towards those nine tracks as your soundtrack for a good reminder to avoiding capitalist’s mindset and the programs being totally, pours all over the fucking world and its inhabitants almost every day since the success of how the West was won over their enemies to rule the globe – through silent technology, racist prosperity, spider-web’s of industry via Dead Dolores, Don’t Call Me Shirley, The Happiest Sad Person to Shitty Head really smacking you down for the mind-opener about how strong capitalism already put an entrapment on you today. 
Time's up to fight the system in a more smart manners and ultimate results not like Ghostbot and The People’s People in the Suburbs; speak out, scream-out, make music and send your voices to be heard all around the planet like these guys did !