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Horns By Bull (Off Yer Rocka Recordings 2015)

Ghosts of The Runaways comes back and creating its duel central figures as Rock N’ Roll meets the cougar David Bowie’s girl-version on The Amorettes closed up blasting thumper rock sounds like The Donnas getting mature a bit but never losing their essential Pop-Punk and Hard Rock mixing from your Scottish Rock band with Gillian Montgomery, Hannah MacKay and Heather Mackay truly via Game On release giving their second efforts a breathing of new live in order to rock the boat not shaking it only, harmony vocals to enriched high-toned pitch onto the cool riffs and damaging drumming like you being thrown back to the seventies within the songs like Fire At Will, Son of a Gun, Daddy’s Got Money, Get What’s Coming as well as Heartbreaker or Rock Me Roll Me. 

You may wanted nothing more but this album being play overloaded loud through the PA’s tower and head-banging for scream out the hell-yeahs !!!

Game On: