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Herman’s Hermit (XEMU Records 2002)

   What would you think for listening to these soft tracks miraculously sang by unique duet from Ani DiFranco and Jackie Chan tackling their miserable romantic fun of Classic Unforgettable from Nat King Cole while Devo doing their thing through Ohio; The Connells had their exciting Alt-Rock time for covering Insane in The Brain (Cypress Hill) or Don Ho doing Shock The Monkey (Peter Gabriel) as well as Roy Clark mesmerizing performance through What a Wonderful Life. Seems to be just like a dream but fortunately, thanks to the great compilation made here via V.A When Pigs Fly (Songs You Never Thought You’d Hear) on release – all your demands might becoming a reality; from the most outrageous to the almost perfect ones are there for the listeners pleasure within twelve tracks. The sexy song of These Boots are Made for Walkin’, Get it on (Bang a Gong), Carry on Wayward Son to White Wedding precisely, being re-covers by names like The Fixx, The Oak Ridge Boys or The Neanderthal Spongecake and people won’t be surprisingly disappointed for discovering this unique and rare record. 

V.A When Pigs Fly - Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear: