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Hell No Bored (Bandcamp 2017)

Miracles still can happening if you decided not to just believe it but making them happens; not easy but even at first the hardest parts is to fight yourself as the one figure whom always blocking the bright future for dreamers to come to the land of opportunity and failed several times because this lot ain't Motley Crue. 

Now it’s not the government’s opinion to added much voters for the cannabis legalizations, anti-GMO or a call for build back our great nation under god to stars and stripes proud like the band – National Badass releasing this  Huntington Beach mis-communication track-listings such as Keep On Keepin’ On, Surf City Clam Baked onto Leave Today isn’t sounding just like a bunch of Psychobilly Love Bitch or Ain’t Live Grand means that no more Guns n’ Roses or really can coming on time the heritage over the good and the great Americans to together building a better future and memorable pass. 

For the lovers of Alternative Rock Blues, Reggae/Blues/Stoner surfing like a pro following the tidal on the last Funk, Souls, a clever figure and not your typical “busy and serious” guy as American Has Gone To Pot.