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Handful Grey Shade (Jolly Roger Records 2015)

   Right after the warm ashes burnt remains off a band called Buttered Bacon Biscuits; some of the members decided to then creating another vehicle for their musical companion monuments and for that a new formation and a name chosen which resulted the expansion demands for the likes or influences over Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, Bud Spencer Blues Explosions and of course, the mighty Black “fucking” Sabbath for the reborn again as Witchwood by the releasing celebrations  towards the band’s debut record: Litanies from The Woods as your favorite superb sludgy doom riffs and tempos to the more Progressive Rock central attractions would given a neat real explosive entrance on the music sounds to penetrating your ears and your mind through the stereo system. Ricky Dal Pane (vocals, mandolin, guitars, percussion), Steve Olivi (hammond, moog, piano), Andrea Palli (drums), Sam Tesori (flute, harmonica) with new bassist Luca Celotti blending their basic retro classic Rock and Folklore with the Occult’s spiritual rules of obedience which practices or being follow by some of the band-members. One would finding the interesting mysteries, modern Hard Rock, much of soloing and melodies to bare and collectively, empowered imaginations re-captures via the forest lady in red dress’ hypnotic eyes and appearance whilst the sophomore spells comes in towards A Place in The Sun, The World Behind Your Eyes, Rainbow Highway, The Golden King to Liar – and you definitely shall bow down for the crispy vocals sounding different from our old legends but amazingly, can turning you into hallucination like a tight rope ready to hang a scares neck.    

Litanies From The Woods: