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Goldminers Outlaw (Beast Records 2014)

   Awakening the talents and being enough to shared the tears within the good and the bad through the lyrics and the music believed to be as sacred as the Bluesy roots itself putting the influences over thus ritual recording from the one-man project named Slim Wild Boar; a young French multi-instrumentalist musician ready to have his own show with the help from the loyal back-up band: His Forsaken Shadow given the Folkish-Blues blending by texture with Skinny Kid the drummer, The Forsaken Shadow on lap steel, electric guitar and vocals, Tonyo on crumar organ or trumpeter Vince The Trucker mending the sensibility through Chasing Lies, A Dead Heart Never Beats or Junkyard and many more like the variety of parade in music over the rural dense-area celebrating life and death via the mouthful of harmonic music breaks following this Self-titled of luminous Folk-Blues telling you about the mean mystic sadness story on Kill Me Twice.

Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow: