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Ghost Field (Bloodshot/Tent Show 2012)

   Taken the band’s name after a classic movie from the 1976’s Robert Moore’s Murder By Death as being founded in Bloomington – Indiana as these five piece American Alternative Indie Rock and Country music group performing their essential and authentic vibrations as a uniting unit whose preserving the meaningful art-sounds of the great nation providing its legacy over decades of independence creating plenty and many other formats of music which collaboratively enriching the Pop-Culture in general as possible and Mud=redr By Death isn’t an exception for that. With the loyal members like Adam Turla, Matt Armstrong, Vincent Edwards and Sarah Balliet; the seventh recording releases on this mysterious and semi-occults theme songs via Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon exclusively offers you a reminder back about Folkish and Country Rock being again written as wiser lyrics and good music to turning your thoughts for a better hope on the worst time ever not forgotten how the struggle for humanity led to their destructions are causing by themselves in such many reasons blending with melodies and sad stories of solitude living as mountain man in a cabin by the woods images re-captured between Straight At The Sun, No Oath No Spell, Hard World, My Hill or The Curse of Elkhart felt like jewels under the muddy shallow river finally reveals there as well as Queen Mab and Oh To Be An Animal – telling you about the mystic collateral effects of the mind and the soul instinct based on the wisdom taught by the elders like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Lou Reed or Johnny Cash like a falling meteorite brought something to our world.    

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon: