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Funky Wrecking Ball (Island Records 1999)

They’ve called themselves Pound from Poughkeepsie, New York as the stationed unit of Alternative Post-Grunge and Modern Rock prestige (not elite) but luckily, attracts some of the rock lovers to get the best performance from these dudes; Pat Gasperini (vocals, guitar), Jason Terwilliger (vocals, guitars), Jerry Terwilliger (drums), Sandy Sardone (bass) or Jimmy Crifo (drums) and many more members whose come and goes towards the moment when the band still existing and as the released for the debut record on Same Old Life due to the late era of the ninety nines, Pound’s already performing and shared the stages with many names from Disturbed to Rob Zombie, J. Geils Band to Saving Abel and Fastball to Hinder to Atom Smash or Rev Theory. As the music might sounded seemingly a bit softer than the reality about how Modern Rock distorted supposed to be built – Pound’s tracks like My World, Time, Accident, Upside Down, Crazy, Hey Now or Walking Away to Devil’s Song might captures your reliable moments in the past lives passing through the next millennium with these “last unsung martyrs” of Nu-Rock …

Same Old Life: