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From Black Mass (Metal Blade Records 1983)

Issued for Metal Massacre compilation with (then) legendary names that become Heavy Metal gods such as Slayer, Metallica, Steeler or Malice; didn’t really make out great for the San Jose, CA natives band but until the releasing of their first debut album – Deliver Us which consisted the trademark music-colors of themselves as an Epic Heavy Metal and Symphonic delivery with high techniques as Warlord formed at first by William J Tsamis (guitarist/songwriter) and drummer Mark S Zonder  with several member-changes through the entire career of the band being re-mastered. 
The fabulous attractive restored of Renaissance sounds Classic standard of Heavy Metal beats can be caught on the recording within the tracks like Winter Tears or Child of The Damned for Chapter I to the Chapter II with Penny for a Poor Murder or Lucifer’s Hammer that sounded real good to head-banging inside your room – metal heads ! 

Deliver Us: