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Flute You (Bandcamp 2010)

Beat-maker professional hermit-like person from Dallas – Texas who loves Hip-Hop and Rap Music a lot even though his skin is as pale as butter white; 24 years old Shag never seems to be nervous while digging the cumulative beats or creating some experts attractive music for dancing or just protesting the social values over injustice. Through his Volume 4: Just Another Day with original ten songs sharing the more original origins of ideas and daily issues to add onto your collective collections musical as the pure interesting Hip-Hop beats mean business to him minus the rest of his entire crew or personnel because the album produced only by himself as the track-lists like Junker, Jive, Baby Got Bacteria onto Ancient and Funky must be spreading eccentric, erotic to flammable classic tones and scratches even mostly are instrumental only type of music. 

If you liking this – just Sold My Soul for Night In timing to move your body like you don’t care ! 

Volume 4 Just Another Day: