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Feckless Tender (Bandcamp 2013)

   Ugly women semi-nude dancing crazy as you and your pals also insanely doing the mosh-twisted or Pogo-rushing rituals while the stereo playing the unknown good ol’ simple three chords imperfection rocking Punk-Rock retarded songs from a guy name Edward Jecky and not just like Edward Teach legendary titles remembrance; this music product recording release called itself Relax Lads It’s Alright perhaps, being recorded inside one’s bedroom or basement which requires no professional touch and commercial outbreak to breach because the reality for D.I.Y Garage Rock/Irish Rock attitudes lies around these mighty amateur of eleven tracks driven your boredom out instantly, pushing a side thus stupid silly comments and ideas to rule the world or win something but totally destroying the boring party apart in loud distortions and heavy shitty tunes for examples on your choice-lists as Save Me Lord, Posh Redneck Orgy, Back to The Aztex, College Party and Bad Man Race Car for the fucking Saturday Night Fever. 

It’s free and no sugary added onto these local Irish bombs ! 

Relax Lads It's Alright: