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Expectations Street (Bandcamp 2017)

As if The Muffs Punk-Pop music meets the young Courtney Love back then when she’s still a teenage angst without darker past or The Goops and X of Los Angeles decided to join force in a No Good recording which actually mid-faster, far from ugly and cute but naughty as Punk influenced thicker flowing on the band’s veins – calling themselves as All Bad as well consisting of Cat (guitar, vocals), Evan (bass, vocals) and Jarret (drums) trio from Philadelphia, PA combining the fun-times, urban titles, youngsters issues and after school glitches themed variously written through the Pop-Punk super sounds via “fluffy” tracks like Sour Smiles, Selfish Thoughts, Shut Up and Solitude – not for attractively, Be Weird rocking the Bad Mood out so that the audience didn’t have to getting Unhappy Together in the conclusions for must love dogs. 

No Good: