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Excalibur Land (Bandcamp 2017)

   As Welcome to Storybrooke sounding like an invitation for anyone whom careless enough to get lost inside the thick fog formation right nearly the twilight afternoon in mid-Summer atmosphere away from your village and entering the strange world of the creations made by Arcane Existence – the Extreme Symphonic Dark Metal from San Jose, California with its finest members consisting of six-piece of men and females figures: Kiera Pietrangelo (all instruments, guitars), Eligio Tapia (vocals), Jade Ordonez (bass), Harley Blandford (drums), Christopher D. Zinnanti (guitars) and Becca McCabe(keyboards, vocals) and as fierce the male musicians look like, the women looking sensually gorgeous but also dangerous to touch just like their musical Progressive fucking Metal and the combinations of Death/Black and deranged beasty as well as the balancing melodic force concluded to be forever hardening in mesmerize and trembles like sudden creeping hands of doom onto your souls. 
Entering The Dark Curse seems to be a choice one never closely nearer to pick but as the mystical castle afar looking either too scary or too excellently calling you to crossing the river like styx for amazing metallic melodious tracks of Reshaping History, Bleeding Through, Somnumbra Atra and magic released into air and the bountiful arousing spells of female voice seductions or the sessions on blasting blood of extremity hailing them to leave the old world and stepping into curse of darkness across the water …  

The Dark Curse: