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Ernie Cortez (Eulogy Recordings 2007)

Neo-School Hardcore Classic blast with attitudes carrying their brutality and raw violent energy as being hailed from Sacramento, CA as Hoods (the band) consisting with Mike Mraz, Ben Garcia, Logan Murray, Navene Koperweis or Mario Maynor; earning their name respects for being one of those whom effectively giving the proud scene fierce status as in the mid of two thousands era reconsidered as the uniting stronger genre with fanatic fans but the extreme violence keeps on following the HC quarters bigger shows like a dark curse above them that not only making some sceneries felt disgust but also the Rock Music media turning down against them – writing bad reviews and bias information about the secret initiations and such as the worst might hits the HC scene in a closer near time. 
The fifth recording album from Hoods – Ghetto Blaster really would giving us the proof about how strong and violence these hard rockers’ materials really sounded like. Road Warriror, Serenity, I Can’t Take This, Willie Nelson and a Twelve Pack, Dance with The Devil and Don’t Fight Let’s Party Tonight or Beat Cops probably, already filling your head with hard riffs, local anthems to the honest messages in simplicity that ordering the listeners youth to either fucking fight for their rights to fucking someone they’ve hated because today – these are what Hardcore all about ! 

Ghetto Blaster: