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El Salto Dos (KOTJ Records 2016)

   Steve Branson on guitars/vocals, Pat Brown on guitar/vocals, Skizz Cyzyk the drummer, Link Sean Lally on farfisa (or electronic combo organ) to Scott Sugiuchi their bass player; through the gracious Ghost Highway Recordings; The Stents name had been spreading farther across (Southern) Europe and worldwide for the releasing of Invisible Sounds like the fighting to survive by the bunch of humans protecting their land from the outer-space invader robot mission went wrong through the Surf-Rock and Punk-Pop rolls in Sorry I’m Not Sorry, Scattershot, Crawler and Madeleine – standard but can make your tea-party or barbecue backyard onto a pleasantly eruption of small chaos flicks in minutes just like a Bird Doggin’ …  

Invisible Sounds: