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Dust Bite Marks (Friends Of Friends 2011)

   Electronic, Rn’B, Swing, Downtempo, Hip-Hop or Indie-Pop or instrumental experiments  – you name it; as the resolving of various artists recording some tricky covers not as tribute but mostly just for having fun in between them – as one shall finding how interesting the results will become through some greater choices of names to tackling some of bit famous or the tunes you know well as favorites for quite so long. Pop Massacre 2 really turning on the interests for almost everyone like lollies to attract little girls; we got ELan re-covers Ashanti’s Foolish, DZA with Girl Afraid (The Smiths), Chico Mann doing Close to Me from The Cure, LOL Boys presenting the weird sensual-version for Genie in The Bottle (Christina Aguilera) to A.D.L.R achieving to re-creates Genuwine’s Pony as well as Lapalux re-done One Shot from JLS. Most popular project named perfectly different cases performing by the Electro-Pop scene collective love for Pop culture for everyone worldwide is here on release …

Pop Massacre 2: