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Dronsz Sonnengeflecht (Brain 1975)

   Begun with the seeing advertisement on newspaper that caught the interest of Jurgen Wentzel and Heino Schunlzel as well as guitarist Carlo Karges build Mosaik but later changed the name to Novalis; within organist Lutz Rahn and Hartwig Biereichel on drums on the midst of seventy-one era which then providing the band a good opportunity for spreading their awesome Majestic Progressive Rock with Folk or Space Rock intention towards the second efforts as the self-titled album for the group almost four years later and those German lyrics and title of music really seems to attracting attentions from more fans of Prog-Rock and as you hear it yourself; one will finding out that the recording really must have been classifies as one of thus remarkable good records to completes your Prog-Rock collections with many solo performance, jam-session displaying the individuality performance as one uniting sound intended through songs like Impressionen, Es Farbte Sich Die Wiese Grun or Wer Schemetterlinge Lachen Hort as you might later figure-out the meanings but before that even thus songs can tell the story of imaginative and reality being pressed into a book called life and its gifts surrounding us.